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Terms & Conditions 2020

When we enrol new students we trust that parents will honour their commitment to In-Step Dance School and pay all costs incurred. This is a small business and we rely on continued cash flow, therefore we ask that all parents abide by the terms and conditions as set out below.

1) Your enrolment is ongoing – there is no need to re-enrol for each term. You must notify us in writing to cease your enrolment or change classes for the following term. All changes to classes must be confirmed before the last week of term prior to changes taking place. Any changes to classes made after invoices are sent will incur an administration fee of $20.

2) Upon completing this Online Enrolment, an invoice will be sent to you to finalise your registration. If payment is not made within 7 days of receipt of invoice then your registration will be cancelled.

3) Payments can be made by Cash, Cheque1, Direct Deposit2 or Eftpos3.
1 Cheques will only be accepted if paying for the term in full (not weekly payments)
3 All payments made by Direct Deposit: Please reference invoice number and/or surname when making payment.
3 Surcharge for Credit payments ($100 or more) of 2.3%. No charge for Savings or Cheque.

4) All fees are due on the first day of Term. A Late Fee of $10 per week will be applied to overdue invoices. We reserve the right to forward Overdue accounts to our Collections Agency and all fees will be passed onto the customer.

5) Weekly/Fortnightly payment plans (via Direct Deposit) may be arranged prior to the term starting.. You must request this in writing by filling out a Payment Plan form. The first 2 weeks of classes must be paid up front. If electing to go on a payment plan the agreement must be adhered to, a $10 late fee will apply to missed instalments and all fees must be up-to-date by the end of the term. Any fees outstanding at the end of a term will be treated as unpaid fees with Condition 4 followed accordingly.

6) Students are entitled to a discount package if enrolled in more than one class (excluding privates, acrodance and other packages) as follows:
a. 2 of Ballet/Jazz/Tap/Contemporary/Hip Hop = 5 % off
b. 3 of Ballet/Jazz/Tap/Contemporary/Hip Hop = 10 % off
c. 4+ of Ballet/Jazz/Tap/Contemporary/Hip Hop = 15 % off
* Payment must be made upfront for the term to receive these discounts.

7) Families are entitled to a discount to the second and subsequent children of 20% off the normal class fee for that child (or children). This discount will be shown on invoices at start of term. (Not necessarily in age order – child with most classes will pay normal price, with other students in family receiving the discount). This discount takes place of the multi class discount.

8) If these conditions are not met, then any discounts you would normally be entitled to (eg, sibling discount, package classes discount) will be forfeited, and full class fees will need to be paid.

9) Refunds will not be given unless there are extreme circumstances involved.

10) Parents are welcome to watch their child’s first class after which, there are watching days scheduled during the term. This is on the proviso that all onlookers are silent and siblings are kept STILL AND QUIET to ensure normal class routine can be followed without disruption.

11) Parents are requested to supervise non-participating children at all times.

12) Parents and students are reminded they must be punctual to class to ensure students are well warmed up which is necessary to avoid injury whilst dancing.

13) Students are expected to follow Uniform guidelines. Any student not correctly prepared for class ie: hair, clothes or attitude, will only observe

14) Please see our Parent/Student Handbook for all other information and conditions.

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