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Terms of trade

1.All class registrations and payment for learn to swim are to come through the website and payment gateway.All squad registrations are to come through the website, an account will be sent.
2.Any swimmer that turns upto a session without registering and paying in full will not be allowed in the water until this is done
3.If you attend some or all of the scheduled sessions the cost is the same for the term
4.Should you require to pull your child out of classes mid way through the term . Your term fee will not be refunded, unless a medical certifate is sighted
5.Your child is assessed in week 8 of every term. Our staff are experts in our choosen field and have the final say whether your child moves up a group
6.We review our fees annually and make price adjustments accordingly
7.H20 Dreams will  change your booking if the class isnt full and put your child in the same level on another day or time after consulting with you
8.Swimmers travelling away as part of H20 Dreams please complete our  medical form 
9.You agree to let us use photos of your children swimming on our webpage or social media contact if you have any concerns.
10.You agree to us videoing lessons / sessions for the purpose of staff training 
11.Teachers and coaches will need to physically manipulate swimmers to teach stroke mechanics in the water and on poolside only . We will always ask your childs permission prior to doing so . We are happy to speak to you about this.
12.You agree to us passing on your contact details if required for swimming related reasons ie entering a meet , joining a club 
Lessons or training may be cancelled at anytime due to pool facility issues , no refund or credits will be given, we will endeavour to provide a make up class if this is logistically possible.
13.Teachers and coaches may change during the term if we are away with Swim Southland teams or attending PD opportunities
14.If you child has had vomiting,diarrhea or any other contagious infection please keep them away from lessons until medically cleared.Or a minimum of 24 hours
15.Both swimmer and parent have read understand and will abide by our code of conduct 
16.Both swimmer and parent understand and accept our 3 strike discipline policy. Strike 1 is a verbal warning strike 2 is 5 minutes on the side strike 3 your child will be removed from the lesson for the day
17.In our training squads and competitive squads we will be asking your child to swim distances underwater to develope aspects of their turns and starts. Please read our position statement on hypoxic training and the training protocols we adhere to. Children are told to stop this training if they feel light headed.
18.H20 Dreams will provide a coach to attend non Swim Southland representative meets if there are more than 8 swimmers attending. There will be a small charge for meets outside of the Southland regional to cover the coaches expenses accomodation, petrol, food. Our time at meets is free of charge.  
19.In fairness to all students we have a no crying policy. If your child is upset prior to lessons please settle them before they get in the water.If they are upset during the lesson they will be handed back to you to settle. Learning to swim must be a positive and fun experience.
20.Any concerns or complaints please contact Jeremy directly , any parent/s speakimng about other swimmers , parents or our staff in a derogatory manner will be removed from the programme.

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