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MISS TARA STUDIOS Terms & Conditions
1. Our agreement with you
1.1 As a customer of Miss Tara Studios Pty Ltd these terms and conditions form the basis of your agreement with the studio. 
2. Refunds, Discounts and Credits
2.1 Discounts are offered to customers who provide written warning of absence due to extended leave. Fees are worked out on a pro-rata basis in this case.
2.2 Refunds are not offered at any time once official enrolment has commenced.
2.3 Credit may differed to the following term, if fees have been paid in part or full but the customer is unable to complete the current term.
3.Class Procedure
3.1 Miss Tara Studios’ request that children are taken to the toilet before their class commences to avoid disruption to the classes. 
3.2 Please be punctual in arrival and ensure your child is collected on time as Miss Tara Studios is not responsible for the safety of children outside their class times. Although reasonable care is taken for all students left on the premises.
3.3 Miss Tara Studios reserves the right to exclude students and parents whose behaviour is disruptive or abusive. This includes viewing or participating parents who talk throughout the lesson. 
3.4 Unless otherwise stated or prearranged, classes remain closed to visitors including parents, grandparents, siblings and friends.
3.5 For Teeny tiny dancers and Bambino 2 classes, parent participation is required. 
3.6 Parent participation requires you to be physically able to join in from start to finish as directed or when needed.
3.7 Mobile phones are to be switched off.
4. Costs
4.1 Students are invited to participate in exams, presentations and annual concerts all of which will incur additional charges including but not limited to; exam/presentation fees, formal uniform purchase, extra rehearsal fees, costume purchase, concert ticket purchase.
4.1.1 CONCERT COSTS: The range of prices to be expected around concert time is as follows: Costume $65, Tickets $37 per adult $20 per child.
4.1.2 The compulsory concert costs for concert participants are costumes, tickets for audience members and prescribed dance shoes.
4.1.3 Participation in the concert is voluntary; for those families, parents and/or children that do confirm concert participation they do so knowing that there are additional costs and compulsory purchases associated.
4.2 Miss Tara Studios reserves the right to cancel or change the timetable and price structure at any point in time. 
4.3 All enrolments are to be paid for in full by the due date stated on the invoice.
5. Communications
5.1 Miss Tara Studios will communicate with you primarily by email and you consent to receive information from Miss Tara Studios via email.

6. Video/Photography
6.1 At the end of each term you are invited to watch your child's dance class. Please remember to silence your mobiles.
6.2 Prior to photographing and/ or videoing any class please seek permission from the teachers and the other family members in the class.
6.3 Any recording or photography is for personal use only and not be for commercial sale.
6.4 Any video recording is not to be uploaded onto the internet, social networks &/or video/photo sharing sites.
7. Consent
7.1 Dance is a physical activity and the teacher or teaching assistant may have to assist your child's understanding of an action, posture or position by physical contact eg. holding hands in a circle; lifting, correcting posture. You consent to employees, sub-contractors, contractors and directors of Miss Tara Studios having contact with your child in this regard. 
7.2 You consent to employees, sub-contractors, contractors and directors of Miss Tara Studios taking your child to the toilet during class if your child requires to use the toilet. The children must be independently able to use the toilet, the staff will call you if any further assistance is required.
7.3 Should your child hurt his/herself you consent to employees, sub-contractors, contractors and directors of Miss Tara Studios to attend to your child whilst Miss Tara Studios wait for the nominated guardian to take over. 
7.4 Your child's enrolment into a Miss Tara Studios class is voluntary and participation in the class and the activities of ballet and dance involve numerous risks of injury, including but not limited to muscle strains, sprains and falls and you freely assume these risks for your child(ren.) as outlined in clause 7.
7.5. You must inform Miss Tara Studios and all teaching staff of any injuries, medical conditions, allergies your child suffers from each week at class.

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