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Terms & Conditions

I agree and acknowledge the following on behalf of myself/my child attending Croydon School of Dance.
1. Croydon School of Dance is a not-for-profit organisation and cannot operate without fees paid by parents/students.
2. To pay the respective fees for classes held at Croydon School of Dance as invoiced.
3. To pay the costs for any exams attended.
4. To attend to payment of fees by the due date on the invoice each term.
5. If fees are not paid within seven days of the due date, this will result in a late payment charge of $15 being added to my fees, with subsequent late payment fees being added fortnightly until fees are current or an arrangement has been made as per point 6. I acknowledge that in severe cases myself/my child will be excluded from classes until payment is received.
6. If our financial circumstances change and we are unable to pay the fees we will discuss the matter with the Treasurer of the Committee of Management by emailing them at CSOD can arrange a payment plan to assist in these circumstances. The agreement must be in writing between both parties. All applications for payment plans and subsequent discussions will be treated in the strictest of confidence.
7. If a payment arrangement has been made and I am in default of that arrangement, and I have not been in contact to discuss the matter with the treasurer then all agreements are forfeited with late charges applicable as per point 5.
8. Term fees include a recital and costume levy, which entitles myself/my child to participate in the end of year recital. Students or families on a Student Limit or Family Limit will incur additional costume levies as per the Croydon School of Dance Fee Structure. The additional costume levies will be rendered in Term 4 invoices. I also understand that minor costume adjustments may be required and it is my responsibly to ensure these are made.
9. There is an annual administration fee per student as per the CSOD fee structure
10. I understand that CSOD reserves the right to cancel classes, where reasonable efforts have been made to find a replacement teacher. Fees will not be refunded unless cancellations are excessive.
11. There are no grounds for refund of tuition, administration charges, exam costs and any cost associated with the recital.
12. I acknowledge that if myself/my child should need to cease dancing at CSOD due to medical reasons, a medical certificate will be sent by email to the Treasurer and Secretary of Committee of Management any term fees will be adjusted accordingly.
13. Payments can be made by Direct Deposit or internet transfer to CSOD bank account.
14. Any payments made by cash must be given to a Senior Executive Committee Member only. Correct money must be provided as change cannot be issued. CSOD take no responsibility of cash payments if you choose to leave at the studio.
15. Mastercard and Visa credit card payments can be accepted. Please complete the credit card details on the payment portion of the invoice and either email to or post to PO Box 46, Croydon 3136. Please be advised that all card details are destroyed once processed.
16. Cheque payments can be deposited into the CSOD bank account as per point 12 and email to advise payment details.
17. I acknowledge by submission of this registration I am accepting of this agreement that I am responsible for payment of all financials as detailed above.
18. I agree to inform Croydon School of Dance if the student has a life threatening medical condition/s and supply a management plan for the relevant condition. I understand it is my responsiblity to keep CSOD updated of any changes to the student's medical condition/s.
19. I authorise First Aid for the student to be administered by the staff/volunteers of Croydon School of Dance in the event that the student becomes injured or ill during an instructional program or other dance related activities associated with Croydon School of Dance. If I cannot be reached immediately on the telephone number/s provided, I authorise the staff/volunteers of Croydon School of Dance to retain the services of a doctor, other competent medical person or ambulance in order to treat the student.
20. I agree to be responsible for all cost associated with medical attention received by the student as described above.
21. Whilst CSOD will take all reasonable care to ensure the student receives adequate medical care, I agree that CSOD will not be held liable for any injury sustained or arising whilst the student is in the care of CSOD staff.
22. I give permission for photographs/images/videos of the student/s to be included in programs, class photos, recital recordings, website, newsletters, catalogues and anything specifically associated with Croydon School of Dance.
23. I understand that some physical contact may be necessary by teachers to demonstrate exercises and correct technique.

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