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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

The Hawker School P and C Music and Drama Scheme is a subcommittee of the Hawker School P & C Association.

The scheme agrees to provide tuition in music and drama to students of the Hawker School as outlined in the below conditions and the parents/carers agree that the tuition is accepted under these conditions.

Lessons – Piano, Violin and Guitar
1. Each student will receive eight (8) lessons of thirty (30) minutes duration each school term. A theory/musicianship lesson will be given when the student forgets music/instrument.

2. Lessons will be given between 9 am and 3 pm. The organisation of the timetable will consider the demands of the school class timetable where possible and will allow for adequate spacing between music lessons.

3. In the event of the Association not being able to provide lessons for any reason, it cannot be held responsible.

Lessons – Choir
4. Payment is a flat fee per term and pro rata rate will not be available.

Lessons – Drama
5. Payment is a flat fee per term and pro rata rate will not be available.

Group Lessons
6. If a student’s behaviour in a group situation is unacceptable the tutor may have the student sit out of the activity or return to class.

7. The cost of the lessons is the responsibility of the parent and will be paid on a term basis. Parents will be invoiced directly by the tutor. Payment is required 2 weeks after accounts are sent out.
8. The cost of instruments, books and any script required by the tutor from time to time will be borne by the parent.

9. When students are absent it is the parents’ responsibility to notify the music tutor directly.

10. Individual Lesson Absence:
a. If absence is advised by 9am of day of the lesson, every effort will be made to ‘make up’ these lessons. In the case of no ‘make up’ being provided you will be refunded the appropriate fee or given a credit to the next semester account.
b. If the absence is not advised to the tutor prior to the lesson, no makeup or refund will be provided.
c. When lessons are to be missed due to whole of school activities or Public Holidays the Coordinators will advise the music tutors. If possible, lessons will be ‘made up’. If individual classes have excursions or activities which will prevent attendance at a music lesson, it is the responsibility of the parent to notify the tutor.

11. Group Lesson:
a. When group lessons are missed, these lessons will not be ‘made up’ nor money refunded, unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed by the tutor.

12. A parent may terminate lessons at any time by providing written notice four (4) weeks in advance to the relevant co-ordinator of the Music and Drama Scheme sub committee of the Hawker School P & C Association.

13. The Hawker School P & C Association may terminate lessons to a student on the recommendation of the Principal, following discussions with the music tutor and the parent; without penalty to the parent.

14. The music tutor’s appointment is by the Hawker School P & C Association only. A music tutor is not an employee of the Department of Education and is not responsible to it. All tutors undergo regular police checks as required by the Department; they also carry current Working with Vulnerable People cards and their own insurance.

15. The Hawker Music Scheme coordinators are available to liaise between parents and tutors. Parents are also encouraged to contact music tutors directly to discuss their child’s progress.

16. The Principal of the Hawker School, acting in his/her capacity as an ex-officio member of the Hawker School P & C Association, is responsible for the conduct and organisation of the lessons; and will act as mediator between any parent and tutor if necessary.

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