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DC is made up of incredibly talented people who are dedicated to their job and their students. Each staff member is well respected by the DC Family and is considered a positive mentor and role model.
We are mature, responsible, reliable, professional, understanding, and compassionate. The Faculty is a constant inspiration as we lead by example; we show enthusiasm and are known for our creativity. We have a great attitude and motivate our students to be the best versions of themselves. Students and members of the DC Family community look up to us.
Positive role modelling begins in the class; how we conduct our classes and ourselves speaks volumes to our students about boundaries, discipline, and finesse.


Dance Central employs teachers with a high calibre of experience, knowledge, and the qualifications required to educate and train our students through a journey of basic to- semi-professional standards.
We tailor our classes to run at a suitable capacity, age, and standard among students to ensure quality communication and sight between the teacher and each student.
We provide effective assessment procedures that ensure students and parents receive, or have access to, advice when necessary. Dance Central conforms to sound business practices, and provides a safe environment constructed to minimise risk of injury.
Teaching and choreography are focused on anatomical safety, with all teachers prepared to deal with accidents and emergencies. Our faculty takes responsibility for constantly developing their knowledge in all aspects of their work and to remain sensitive to students varying abilities.
Our teachers practice effective and flexible methodology to create a productive and safe learning environment. We are committed to:
•Communicating of our love of dance;
•Displaying professional attitudes, including punctuality, reliability and responsible care of students;
•Developing self-discipline and self-motivation in the students;
•Encouraging and supporting everyone;
•Inspiring all students to be the best they can be, including challenging them with technique and choreography;
•Encouraging an appreciation of the characteristic style of each specific technique taught.


We are always working towards something, as we believe there is always something greater to strive for! Whether it’s improving technique, preparing for a competition or performance, or even working towards an event that we long aspired to be a part of, we are always motivated to achieve our goals and are hungry to find the next!
Every student at Dance Central should feel safe and welcome. Dance Central is a family friendly environment. Honesty, trust, respect and integrity is expected at Dance Central. Conversely, we do not condone bad language, and verbal or physical abuse. Students and parents are always required to demonstrate respect for staff and other students. If disrespect or inappropriate behaviour occurs, the individual or family may be asked to leave Dance Central.
Dance Central also does not tolerate bullying; bullies may find themselves dismissed from Dance Central. For clarity, bullying is defined as intentionally aggressive behaviour, repeated over time, that involves an imbalance of power.
This includes:
• Verbal/Emotional: name-calling, sarcasm, humiliation, rumour-spreading etc.
• Deliberate exclusion of a student
• Physical: kicking, hitting, pushing, pinching etc.
• Sexual comments or unwanted physical contact

We require parents to respect and follow the advice and direction provided by office staff, teachers and the Director, while being supportive of their children’s efforts. We promote the importance of focusing on your child’s efforts rather than whether they’ve won or lost or moved into a higher grade. We request that parents do not enter the studios when a class is in progress, as it can be distracting to the class. In the last week of term, we offer an ‘Open Week’ for family viewings during the last 15 minutes of class.
Should a student or parent have any issues that need to be resolved, please refer them to our office team or Director (Julie Scheer) rather than a teacher.
Above all, remember that manners and respect for one another go a long way in getting things done, and getting along with everyone. It’s absolutely the way we roll here.


It is the students’ and parents’/guardians’ responsibility to read all class notices. This may be in the form of email or ‘take-home’ notes given to students at the end of class. Failure to do so may result in missing out on important information, events, and opportunities.
Extra newsletters are always available in the reception area. The Dance Central office is manned from Monday-Thursday 9am-8pm, Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 9am-12pm, and during school holidays 9am-5pm. Our team is always happy to assist you with any questions that you may have, so please feel free to approach us!


Please respect and care for our studios and for other property that does not belong to you.
We are a smoke-free school, so please don’t smoke in or around the property.
Always arrive on time and place your belongings into a cubicle. Remember that warm-ups are important for your dance safety, so aim to be there on time, if not a little early!
- All mobile phones must be on silent.
- Students are not allowed in studios without teachers present or if the student is not enrolled in that class. Please do not bring your friends to classes or rehearsals.
- No food, lollies, chewing gum, or soft drinks are allowed in the studios.
- When you have a break in between classes, you are welcome to use the ground floor study area, kitchenette and waiting room. Make it pleasant for everyone — remember to respect these spaces, consider one another, and keep these spaces clean and fresh!
- No students under the age of 18 years are allowed to use the kettle, microwave, and sandwich-press without adult supervision.
- Lost something? Dance Central does not take responsibility for lost property, should any be found it will be placed in the lost property boxes until the end of term.


We’re a uniform-free school! That means you don’t have to run out and buy a uniform to dance at DC. We do have a specialized Acro leotard for students participating in Acro to assist teachers with a spotting mechanism built into the leotard to assist students during their progress.
Students are expected to wear appropriate clothing and shoes for each class. Bring a change of clothes if you attend two different genres in one night.
Not sure what to wear? Check our website for the recommended attire for your dance class.
Always bring a hand towel and a water bottle to keep hydrated. You’ll need them!
If coming straight from school, please change out of school uniform into fresh clothing.
Deodorant is required for all students above junior level.
If possible, please tie your hair back to keep your face free from distractions during class. Please also remove jewellery and watches; small ear studs are fine but do put all other bling away.


Dance Central have dedicated Social Media Channels (Facebook, Instagram & YouTube), with the possibility of branching into other applications soon.
We love your support across these channels! Social media liking and sharing posts helps get the good word out. The more we expose our news and events to different circles, the more buzz we can generate in the community – and the more exposure we can gain for our school and our amazing dancers!
We request that all students and parents direct all enquiries, comments, and other communications through our Dance Central channels when liking, commenting or sharing. Should you encounter an issue that is troubling you, we strongly encourage you to talk this over with our Director first before taking to social media to voice your concern. Often, issues can be straightened out faster and more fairly through a chat than through social media chatter! At DC, we are always mindful of building up our students and fostering an encouraging and safe environment both online and offline. Your delicacy on such matters would be greatly appreciated.


We have a zero-tolerance policy for release of any information that compromises Dance Central. This includes sharing personal information about the Director, staff members, students, students’ families, or any information that is proprietary and/or confidential to them or Dance Central.
We do not allow social posts that could compromise the self-esteem of students, teachers or staff who attend Dance Central. Negative comments include derogatory, bullying or shaming comments about school activities (i.e. competitions, conventions and performances) or other dance schools, teachers or directors. Such comments will be moderated by the Dance Central admin team.
Dance Central owns the copyright to all choreography taught within the school. You will therefore need to seek permission from the class teacher or Director before you can post any videos or photos of classes, rehearsals and performances.
We request that all students and parents respect the law, including those laws governing defamation, discrimination, harassment, and copyright and fair use.


At Dance Central, we take our students’ privacy seriously.
Dance Central does not take pictures and videos of students in class unless permission is granted. Students under the age of 18 years must have parent consent by signed waiver before appearing in any of our photos or videos. Routines and technique may be filmed in class by teacher for analysis purposes only. On occasions where we have full permission by all guardians for each student in the class, we may post snippets of routines on our social media channels.
Our teachers are advised not to call or email students and parents directly. All communication must go through the office directly unless otherwise pre-authorised by the Director. Crew and Eisteddfod Faculty may often seek permission to have contact direct through Facebook messaging for ease of communication.
It is Dance Central’s Studio policy for staff not to exchange private contact information, including social media access.


A successful enrolment for Term 1 guarantees a place in that class each term for the entirety of the year. Once enrolled Dance Central will automatically release a new invoice prior to each new term commencing. All classes are to be pre-paid a term (10 weeks) in advance. Failure to pay prior to the first-class commencing will result in loss of enrolment in the unpaid class/s.


In preparation of each new year, the student enrolments are opened via the Dance Central website Customer Portal. The period in which enrolments will be accepted are from Term 4 Week 7 until the last day of Term 4 Week 10.
This “enrolment period” is open to all, and prioritises customers in order of enrolment submission (first come, first serve process). This also includes the current waitlist and therefore new customers will also be enrolling during this period. We strongly urge existing students to enrol as soon as the enrolment period begins to ensure they register for the classes that they want.
All enrolments must be made via the customer portal to ensure that that priority is given to those who register from earliest and also functions as a representation of classes that have space for new students. Registration via the portal is not secured however, until approved by Dance Central Administration, an invoice is issued and paid for by the customer.


Between each term (T1>2, T2>3 and T3>4) enrolments will be rolled over during Week 7 and invoices emailed to customers of the proceeding terms payments. These payments are to made in-full and paid by the end of Week 10 (term issued).


To ensure students are participating in the classes that are suitable to their technical and physical abilities Dance Central undertake a ‘class levelling’ assessment during Weeks 7-10 of each term.
DC Office will place students for trial classes as requested by teachers. Parents suggesting level changes will be discussed with teachers prior to accepting a level change.
Families must notify the DC office of any additions or changes they would like to make or have been suggested to make by their teachers, and availability will be assessed, and enrolment/invoices amended if needed.


All payments must be made by due date outlined on invoice:
• New year: 1 week before Term 1 starts
• Terms 2, 3 & 4: End of Week 10 for all other terms (e.g. Payment for Term 2 is due by end of Term 1 Week 10)
• Or via an Ezi-Debit Direct Debit Request form (or request to renew Direct Debit Form) submitted by preceding Week 10 for all terms.
See payment methods below for more information.


Those who do not make payment by the time frames outlined above may lose their guaranteed place in the class.
Any students attending classes with term fees outstanding will be charged an additional $20 administration fee.
Customers may pay on the spot if there is still availability. If there is no space available in the class, students may be placed on the waitlist until space becomes available.
Any unpaid invoices by Week 10 are assumed as non-returning and will be removed from their class after a single final courtesy call to collect payment.


Payments can be made via the following methods:
• Ezi-Debit safe online payment gateway (link listed on each invoice)
• Ezi-Debit full or part payments to be debited from your nominated bank account or credit card. These payments must be debited in respect to a full-term fee and paid in-full by end of the contracted term. Bank declines will result in a $30 dishonour fee.
• Credit Card over the phone — please call 6282 7609 or 0433 111 800 to make a phone payment.
• Credit Card, EFTPOS or Cash in person before or after your class (Dance Central studios, Phillip). Please refer our website for our trading hours.


We offer all students an obligation-free class (applicable to first class only). This will entitle all students who have participated in one lesson a complete refund of term fees. Should a student wish not to continue after their second lesson, we offer a complete term refund less the initial 2 classes. Any refund requests after this period are not eligible for reimbursement.


If there is no space available in a chosen class, students may be placed on the waitlist until space becomes available.
During closure of enrolment periods (i.e. the Christmas break) Dance Central Customer Portal will still be open to receive student registrations. These registrations will be converted to a waitlist and all customers will be contacted upon staff return with class availability.
Registering students during this time does not guarantee them a place in class, it places them on the waitlist behind the existing waitlist from the previous year.
Upon the Dance Central Office re-opening, staff contact each customer with class availability prior to Term 1 commencing.
During the year the Waitlist will be contacted (term to term) as availability arises.


It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to:
• Enrol their children and check that their child is enrolled into the correct classes as listed on each terms invoice. Any changes must be brought to the attention of our administration team immediately.
• Ensure contact details are kept up to date via the portal.
• Ensure term fees are paid on time to avoid losing class placement.
Any unpaid invoices that remain after the payment period (week 7 – 10) will receive a courtesy call during Week 10 to receive payment over the phone, set up direct debit, or to confirm that you will not be requiring your place in the next term.


Elite families do not need to register via the portal for their compulsory classes – the DC Office will manage this for you.
If your child elects to participate in additional unlimited classes outside of the compulsory elite schedule, please register for these via the portal during the “enrolment period”.
There is no priority for elite students in these classes. We urge parents to ensure to enrol ASAP to secure a place.
Ensure all additions or changes to students’ free choice/non-compulsory schedule is communicated to the DC office prior to entering class.


A non-refundable 50% deposit for the Summer Intensives Workshop is due by end Term 4 Week 10.
Complete payment will be due one week prior to commencement of workshop. Dance Central reserves the right to refuse workshop participation should payment not be received in full prior to commencement of workshop.


Payments can be made via the following methods:
• Ezi-Debit safe online payment gateway (link listed on each invoice)
• Ezi-Debit full or part payments to be debited from your nominated bank account or credit card. These payments must be debited in respect to a full-term fee and paid in-full by end of the contracted term. Bank declines will result in a $30 dishonour fee.
• Credit Card over the phone — please call 6282 7609 or 0433 111 800 to make a phone payment.
• Credit Card, EFTPOS or Cash in person before or after your class (Dance Central studios, Phillip). Please refer our website for our trading hours.

There are no refunds or discounts for classes missed during the term. If a class is missed, we do offer a make-up class (however this is subject to class availability). Make-up classes are only permitted within the term that they are missed. Should a dance class be cancelled during the term, we will offer a make-up class to the students involved or provide a credit of the single class price. (Please note that this does not apply to crew programs).


Dance Central holds an annual concert at the Canberra Theatre. Concert dates are usually held during November but may change depending on Canberra Theatre’s annual schedule. Dance Central encourages all students to perform in the annual concert from 4 years of age right through to adults — but participation is not compulsory. (Just strongly recommended, because it’s a blast!) Information, rehearsal dates and a permission form are generally released in Term 2. All students who commit to the end of year concert are expected to attend all rehearsals. A rehearsal levy is charged to assist with the expense of extra rehearsals and the additional costs to hold the event and a costume fee will be invoiced onto term 3 fees.
Please note: There is no student intake of performance classes from Week 2 Term 3 until the end of year show. Students wishing to joining classes during this time frame will be placed on a waitlist, in preparation for classes after the show in term 4.


It is the student’s or parent/guardian responsibility (if the student is under 18) to inform office staff by email outlining a new injury or medical condition that is not current or updated in the students file prior to starting a class. Dance Central will inform the appropriate teaching staff to ensure the child’s needs or restrictions are met in class.
Dance Central must be notified of any health conditions such as pre-existing injuries, serious allergies, asthma or anything that may affect a student during their time at Dance Central. All health information is treated confidentially.
Dance Central requires an emergency plan signed by the parent for all serious health conditions. If an accident occurs to a student in class, they will be treated immediately as applicable and based on the emergency plan provided by parents. Parents will also be contacted immediately, noting that in emergencies an ambulance will be called first.
An Accident Insurance levy is applicable to each student. This is a one-off fee that covers the student for 12 months at Dance Central.
Scope of cover is limited to you and/or your child’s:
a. Participation during Dance Central organised training sessions, performances, competitions and events.
b. Travelling to/from their dance/performance activity, to/from their residence, school or place of employment.
c. Touring world-wide for the purpose of participating in dancing. Or performing art, whilst representing their studio.

Benefits of cover is limited to you and/or your child’s:
a. Medical Expenses: 80% of all Non-Medicare medical expenses up to $2000 per injury, including; Ambulance, Chiropractic, Masseur, Private Hospital, Dental Services, Theatre Fees (in Private Hospital where Medicare does not apply), Naturopath, Osteopath and Orthotics & Prosthesis (prescribed by a Medical Practitioner for the injury).
b. Physiotherapy: 95% of initial 5 visits, 80% of the next 6-10 visits and 75% of subsequent visits.
c. Death and Disablement Benefits: $30,000 (Under 18 years of age $10,000)
- Members who are not covered by Private Health Insurance are subject to a $50 excess per claim.
- Due to Government Legislation, members cannot be covered for any part of “Medicare”, Doctor, Surgeon, Anaesthestic, X-ray or other “Medicare” related account.
“Student Allowance” for full time students (Costs uncured for tutoring, travelling, etc; up to maximum of $200 per week)
“Domestic Home Help” for non-income earners (Costs incurred [a per policy] up to maximum of $200 per week)

If you, as a student, has an accident, gets injured or sick during a lesson, rehearsal or performance, no matter how slight, you should do the following.
- Report the incident directly to your teacher or Management as soon as it occurs.
- Your teacher or Management will record all details of the incident in an Incident Report.
- We request that you do not disturb the scene of the accident.
- For incidents involving members of the public, an ‘incident form’ should be filled out by a senior staff member or Management.
- If you witness an accident, inform Management.
- Where an insurance claim may be made, the student must seek medical review and certification from a registered medical practitioner within the first 24 hours of the incident.
- If the injury or illness leads to medical expenses and/or time off work or school, it is the responsibility of the injured individual to have completed the relevant ‘Accident Cover’ claim form within 90 days.

I understand that participating in dance classes, recitals, competitions, performances, and other dance activities can result in injury, and recognise that there is an inherent risk to any physical activities. Despite reasonable precautions being taken by Dance Central, accidents and injuries may occur.

I hereby fully assume those risks and release Dance Central Canberra Pty Ltd (“Dance Central”), its employees and dance teachers, sponsors and facilities, from all liability for injuries sustained or illnesses contracted while attending or participating in any dance classes, rehearsals, workshops, or performances, or any other Dance Central sanctioned event.

I agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Dance Central, its employees and dance teachers, business sponsors and facilities for liabilities, costs and judgments arising from acts or omissions committed by me or my guests which result in injury or damage to any person or property.

I also understand and agree that it is my sole responsibility to safeguard my personal property while attending or participating in any classes, rehearsals, workshops, or performances. I hereby release Dance Central, its employees and dance teachers, business sponsors, and facilities, from all responsibility and liability for loss or damage to my personal property while attending or participating in classes, rehearsals, workshops, or performances.

I also agree to abide by any rules, regulations and policies set forth by Dance Central.

I acknowledge that I am covered by the ‘National Accident Scheme’ provided by Dance Central, in my capacity as a student enrolled in Dance Central.

In case of physical injury or medical emergency, I hereby authorise Dance Central to make necessary arrangements to transport myself or my child to a medical treatment facility as necessary. All such transportation and medical treatment will be at my sole cost and expense.

In extreme emergency, or if I am under 18 years of age, I understand that Dance Central will attempt to notify the person(s) I have named below as my emergency contact(s) of my condition and how to reach me.

Dance Central manages several social media accounts, and works to ensure that all content is appropriate, friendly, and respectful to all. Content includes videos, images, links, and comments.

By participating on Dance Central’s social media channels/pages, you agree that you will comply with those social media websites’ terms of use and/or community guidelines, as well as this social media policy.

Dance Central does moderate their social media channels and pages, and reserves the right to delete any post that in its view:
• Breaks any law, including breaching intellectual property rights of any person or organisation;
• Contains, refers to, or encourages:
• offensive language;
• sexual activity or sexuality;
• violence toward anything or any person;
• damage to property;
• criminal activity;
• offensive behaviour;
• any activity that is morally questionable; or
• derogatory or discriminatory remarks about any person or organisation;
• Contains any information that is untrue or incorrect or implies that to be the case; claims to reflect the views of Dance Central, or poses as Dance Central

Occasionally Dance Central may “share”, “like”, “follow”, rate or comment on other posts/pages of individuals and organisations. This does not imply endorsement of any kind. Dance Central generally updates and monitors hosted social media channels/pages during business hours, but Dance Central does not have any obligation to monitor, edit, or review posts to its social media pages.

All materials posted by you will be regarded as public information and may be treated as such. By posting on our social media pages, you acknowledge that Dance Central (or anyone else) can use, copy, reproduce, modify, publish and distribute the material in any and all media or distribution methods; however, this does not imply endorsement by Dance Central. This also grants us permission to reproduce your posts for promotional or commercial purposes (with no compensation paid to you).

Dance Central owns the copyright to all choreography taught within the school. It is prohibited to post any videos or photos of classes, rehearsals and choreography without permission from the class Teacher or Director.

Violation of this policy may result in you being barred or removed from Dance Central social pages.

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