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2020 Terms and Conditions

2020 Term and Conditions


Media Policy - Please contact the office in writing to opt out.
Terms & Conditions - Please contact the office immediately with any concerns.

Enrolment must be signed prior to any child being insured at the studio, no siblings or friends may join in unless this is completed due to stringent insurance laws.
It is understood and agreed that all students take classes at their own risk and no liability under any circumstances shall be undertaken by the proprietors for injury or loss of personal effects or clothing.
When signing this enrolment form you agree to keep fees payable, up to date and enrolments are accepted
on the agreement that they are for the full calendar year (rolled over between terms). Students may opt out
between terms if a minimum of one week’s written notice is provided prior to the term commencing. Failure
to do so will result in the student being liable for the following terms fees.
Mid-term withdrawals still incur the full term fee.
Term fees and performance packs are non-refundable and must be paid in full within 14 days of your invoice
Discounted fees are not provided for public holidays, extended holidays or missed classes unless granted under special circumstances by Stepnout. If you take up the option of a 3 Class Pass, payment must be made upon your first class and the offer is only valid for 3 consecutive weeks.
No pupil will be allowed to dance unless all fees have been paid and are up to date and the studio reserves the right to refuse entry to students with outstanding balances.
Costs of Recovery - The debtor/s shall pay for all costs actually incurred by Stepnout Performing Arts in the recovery of any monies owed under this Agreement including recovery agent costs, repossession costs, location search costs, process server costs and solicitor costs on a solicitor/client basis.

In the event of a medical emergency, and where a parent cannot be contacted, I authorise Stepnout to seek medical advice for my child at a hospital.
All rehearsals must be attended by pupils and helpers or they will be unable to perform in concerts and performances when required.
Dress code must be observed at all times, otherwise, they will be asked to sit and watch class.
Parents and siblings are not permitted in any dance class unless prior arrangement has been made with the teacher.
Our toddlers not included as it’s a parent participation class. Kinder and Fairies is at teacher's discretion.
Children (including siblings of students) must be accompanied by an adult whilst at the studio and in carpark.
There will be no alcohol at the studio or performances.
There will be no chewing gum or food allowed in studio’s unless your child is participating in multiple classes and needs a snack. (Please ensure this is a positive healthy option)
Any costumes misplaced or damaged will incur a fee.
No cameras or videos allowed unless consent from the teacher and other parents is given in class.
The studio has CCTV video footage for parents to view children in each studio. There is also a camera in the waiting room. This footage is only used at the studio and not for public viewing outside those areas. Video of footage needed if an incident occurs will be kept for legal reasons by the studio.
I acknowledge and give the studio permission that the students on the enrolment form submitted may be filmed in class for practice, filmed at performances/workshops and rehearsals.
I agree that images may be used for promotional material including official website, facebook, Instagram and Youtube for Stepnout and advertising material such as brochures/Flyers.
Sometimes the dances will be put onto Youtube for parents to view and especially for children to practice.
I agree to update the studio in writing or by email to confirm any changes in contact details to ensure if needed you can be contacted at all times for your child in case of an emergency.
All invoice and notices get emailed so please don’t forget to update this also or advise the studio if you don’t have one to ensure you don’t miss any information.
While every effort will be made to ensure a consistent timetable occasionally classes may need to be canceled or rescheduled.
Limited parking is available. You can always park on the street and walk into the factory block. Please just
be mindful of our neighbors as they need their car parks for their clients also. Please under no circumstances block the driveway or sit near roller door to do a quick drop off.
Due to the privacy act, there will be no talking about anyone's child during class or at any other time. This is
an extremely important issue and if not adhered to the person will be asked to leave the studio.
If you have a problem the staff are only too happy to help and sort it out so please under no circumstances
gripe about it in the waiting room or behind our backs we are approachable and would love to hear your concerns if you have them.
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