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I authorise the person placed in charge of the Fame Training School, rehearsal or performance at their discretion to obtain medical attention at my expense for my child in the event of illness or injury.
I understand that any photographs taken featuring my child may be used in appropriate publicity material.
I understand that there is no parental involvement or observation of classes. (Teeny Fame parents may observe in Weeks 1 & 2 of term).

Should my child/ren enrol I acknowledge the following conditions
1.Fees are due and payable at the commencement of term.
2.A 10% late payment fee will be charged on Monday of Week 2.
3.A student will not be enrolled for the following term if there are any outstanding amounts on the account without prior arrangements with the office.
4.If you have difficulty meeting this payment schedule, please contact the office to establish a payment plan.
5.Fees will continue to be charged until written notification of withdrawal is received.
6.Unpaid fees will be forwarded to our debt collector.

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